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CCPA means enormous costs for businesses.
ComplyUSA is the most cost efficient way to comply.

About ComplyUSA

Preliminary CCPA Assessment

This 3-4 week set of coordinated sessions guides you through the upfront planning for how to prepare a Record of Data Processing Activities

  • Log of all audit processes
    • Who did what when in the audit process
    • Proves you are using reasonable commercial efforts to achieve compliance
  • Identifies data processing stakeholders
    • Roles, responsibilities, sign-offs
    • Both business and technical
  • Applications Inventory
  • Data Usage Groups
  • Inventory of Business Processes
  • Mapping of PI to Applications
    • Exclusion of Apps that don’t touch PI
  • Provides the plan and the scope for next steps of becoming compliant...
    • Field Level Data Maps

Field Level Data Mapping

Using what we've learned from the Preliminary Assessment we create your Field Level Data Map

  • Identify field level Private Information (PI)
    • Map PI Fields to Data Usage groups
    • Cost and duration determined during the Preliminary Assessment

Data Request Response Planning

Now that you know where you PI data is located, it's time to plan how to respond to data requests. In this phase we plan how to comply at the lowest cost

  • Deploy Data Request Portal
  • Identify high volume/high risk applications
  • Automate response with the world's only CCPA automation platform => Truyo!


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